Review: Claiming the Billionaire by J.M. Stewart (+Series Spotlight)

Claiming The Billionaire

J.M. Stewart

Seattle Bachelors #4

384 Pages

Contemporary Romance

Grand Central Publishing | Forever

Publication: January 10th 2017


Book Summary

Code Name: Love

Staff Sergeant Tyler Benson is a survivor. He doesn’t give up on what he wants, and right now, he wants Cassandra Stephanopolous. He thought about her every single day he was gone. Now that he’s back, nothing will stop him from making her his. Plan of Action: Crash Seattle’s biggest billionaire-bachelorette auction and make sure he comes out the highest bidder. If he wins a date with Cassie, she’ll have to talk to him.

Three years. It’s been three years since Cassie said goodbye to Tyler, and she’s been trying to pick up the pieces ever since. Just as she’s starting to feel ready to move on, he walks in, all cocky smiles and blue-collar charm. She’s determined to keep her focus where it should be: on her thriving jewelry business. But as he lays siege to her heart, she wonders just how long her defenses will last . . .

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My Thoughts

*ARC provided by Publisher*

In Claiming the Billionaire, Cassie Stephanopoulos is reunited with the boyfriend she lost three years ago, Tyler Benson. As a result of his experiences in Iraq, Tyler isn’t the same man Cassie knew him as before, and yet, he’s just as determined to win her heart. Despite the way they left things before he left for Iraq.

Claiming the Billionaire is an emotional read that tugged at my heartstrings as easily as the sex scenes burned up the pages of my kindle. Cassie and Ty’s reunion was fantastic and unique and heartbreaking all at the same time. What they both experienced during their time apart, combined with their undeniable chemistry and need to figure things out between them now, made for a terrific, fast-paced read that was impossible to put down or to forget.

If you’re even remotely thinking of picking up one of these books, I highly recommend doing it. Every single book has been a sexy, compelling read right from the start and the talented skill level of the author has made each story impossible to put down.  I started with the first book in this series, Bidding on the Billionaire, but you can just as easily jump in with the newest release, Claiming the Billionaire, because every single story in this series is brilliant.

Final Verdict: A fantastic way to spend a cold, winner night. 5 “Must Read” Stars

The Seattle Bachelors Series

Every single book in author J.M. Stewart’s Seattle Bachelors series has been well-written, dynamic, engaging, and hot like fire. Each set of lead characters has been increasingly well-developed and motivated, as well as entertaining, emotionally compelling, and deeply intriguing. I’ve loved each one of the couples in this series and have been completely enamored with their individual stories to boot. These fictional characters feel like real people with real problems and emotions that made it all too easy for me to like and relate to them, and to root for them to find their happily ever afters. If you’re anything like I am, you’re going to fall in love with this series…

Bidding on the Billionaire

J.M. Stewart

Seattle Bachelors #1

240 Pages

Contemporary Romance

Grand Central Publishing  | Forever Yours

Released March 1st 2016


Book Summary

Safety. Anonymity. Invisibility.

Those are just a few advantages of Internet “dating.” Even better, as far as Hannah Miller is concerned, is the fact that she can shed all inhibitions without worrying about what he thinks of her figure or her face. “He” is bikerboy357, the man who knows what Hannah likes, and wants her—every night—as much as she wants him. When he asks to meet, Hannah hesitates. But the temptation is too strong. And after one look into his sultry green eyes, there’s no turning back.

Cade MacKenzie’s never met a woman who’s wasn’t blinded by his billion-dollar net worth, but “H” knows neither his face nor his name. Her words are so smart, sweet, and scorchingly sexy that Cade’s willing to gamble she’ll be just as amazing in person. And she is. But even as every delicious encounter makes Cade want Hannah more, what he wants most is her trust.

It’s something all his money can’t buy. And now, Cade will do anything to earn it.

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Winning The Bachelor

J.M. Stewart

Seattle Bachelors #2

224 Pages

Contemporary Romance

Grand Central Publishing | Forever Yours

Released June 14th 2016


Book Summary

When it comes to love, this billionaire is all business . . . Software mogul Christina McKenzie has loved billionaire Sebastian Blake since they were kids. So when Seattle’s most famous bachelor-and perennial playboy-finally asks Christina out, her fantasies kick into overdrive. Things become hot and heavy . . . but what’s she supposed to do when she starts to fall for him? Sebastian’s never been one to settle down, and Christina doesn’t want to be just another notch in his bedpost.

Sebastian knows that smart, kind Christina deserves better than him. But after the mind-blowing night they just shared, he’s ready to turn a sexy fling into the real deal. Keeping his freedom is one thing, yet keeping Christina in his bed-and in his life-is all Sebastian can think about . . .

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 Bargaining for the Billionaire

J.M. Stewart

Seattle Bachelors #3

256 Pages

Contemporary Romance

Grand Central Publishing  | Forever Yours

Released September 13th 2016


Book Summary

You know what they say: billionaires do it better . . . 

Grayson Lockwood is every girl’s fantasy. Fabulously weathy? Check. Dangerous good looks, complete with a titillating tattoo on his rock-hard chest? Check. High-powered CEO? Check. Too bad none of that impressed the only woman he ever loved. Since she walked away from him three years ago, Grayson can’t get her out of his mind. To win her back, he’ll have to finally open up about the secrets he’s been keeping. But first, he may have to use a little deception.

Tired of her comatose love life, Madison O’Reilly spices things up by chatting online with a sexy stranger. All she’s really looking for is a hot fling-and BookNerd seems flirtatious and surprisingly attuned to her needs. As their chats become steamier, she begins to wonder just how long she can hold out before she has the real thing. But when he steps out from behind his avatar, Grayson can only hope that Maddie will finally see his true heart . . .

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 About the Author

JM StewartJM is a multi-published author of passionate, heartfelt contemporary romance. She’s a wife, a mother, a spiritualist, and lover of puppies, and happily addicted to coffee and chocolate. She lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest with her husband, two sons, and two very spoiled dogs. She’s a hopeless romantic who believes everybody should have their happily-ever-after and has been devouring romance novels for as long as she can remember. Writing them has become her obsession.

 Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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