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Hi! Welcome to Okie Dreams Book Reviews. My name is Deanna Lynn and I read a lot of books. I’ve been a voracious reader from the time I read my  first word, though a serious case can be made for being an avid reader before I even knew how to read. There’s photographic evidence of me reading the comics when I was three and no one can convince me I didn’t know exactly what was being said in all those text descriptions. Of course,  I also remember making things up for them, too, so there’s that as well.

Genres I read: Romance (all kinds), Young Adult (all kinds), New Adult, Mystery and Suspense Thrillers (legal, political, psychological, romantic), Woman’s Fiction, Literary Fiction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and the occasional Non-Fiction book, (biographies, memoirs, research, self-help, and true crime)

Where else you can find me: Goodreads, TwitterFacebookInstagram, Amazon


More about Deanna Lynn

Deanna Lynn has been a secretary, a substitute teacher, a baker, a website designer, a ceramic artist, a business co-owner, a photographer, a concert reviewer, and a sales and marketing manager for a Ceramic Shop in Oklahoma. She reads widely, laughs often, and loves to talk about writing, books, and this confusing thing called life.

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As of April 5th 2017, Okie Dreams Book Reviews has joined Amazon Associates, an advertising affiliates program where sites can earn a small advertising fee by linking to products on Amazon.com. This new venture does not and will not affect the validity of the reviews we post. All reviews posted on Okie Dreams Book Reviews will still be the fair and honest opinion about the work we read.

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