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Hi! Welcome to Okie Dreams Book Reviews. My name is Deanna Lynn and I read a lot of books. I’ve been a voracious reader from the time I read my  first word, though a serious case can be made for being an avid reader before I even knew how to read. There’s photographic evidence of me reading the comics when I was three and no one can convince me I didn’t know exactly what was being said in all those text descriptions. Of course,  I also remember making things up for them, too, so there’s that as well.

Genres I read: Romance (all kinds), Young Adult (all kinds), New Adult, Mystery and Suspense Thrillers (legal, political, psychological, romantic), Woman’s Fiction, Literary Fiction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and the occasional Non-Fiction book, (biographies, memoirs, research, self-help, and true crime)

Where else you can find me: Goodreads, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Amazon


More about Deanna Lynn

Deanna Lynn has been a secretary, a substitute teacher, a baker, a website designer, a ceramic artist, a business co-owner, a photographer, a concert reviewer, and a sales and marketing manager for a Ceramic Shop in Oklahoma. She reads widely, laughs often, and loves to talk about writing, books, and this confusing thing called life.

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    1. Hi, Andie! I just read it! Thank you so much for tagging me on it. I’m excited to get to it, actually. I’m going to start working on mine tomorrow, as I want to take a few pictures of some of the books I own and I have to get to them after my shelf reorganization, lol.

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