Review: Brad (Threefold Part II) by Sotia Lazu (Promo, Review, Excerpt, Guest Post)

I want to thank Sotia Lazu for writing a guest post for the blog today. I am really enjoying the Threefold series and I love that Sotia was gracious enough to talk to us about how she came to write erotic romance.

First, though, I’ll post some promo about her latest release Brad, part two of her Threefold series, where you can read the book’s summary as well as an excerpt.


By Sotia Lazu

Publisher: Acelette Press
Pages: 41 pages
Genre: Erotic Romance
Format: PDF-Arc
Source: Author
Release Date: 5/15/2015
Series: Threefold (Book 2)


Sexy construction workerBrad Miller thought he was being attentive to his girlfriend’s needs when he talked his best friend into having sex with her. It’s Becca’s fantasy he wants to fulfill, and that’s the only reason he’s trying to convince Colin to join the two of them on her birthday.

Colin stubbornly insists it’s a bad idea. Feelings may develop and risk their friendship, as well as Brad’s relationship with Becca. But Brad wants it all, and for the first time in his life, he doesn’t want to think about consequences.

Until consequences catch up with him.

NOTE: The story includes hot guys being confused and sexy together and with a big, beautiful woman.

* Read on for a book photo teaser, excerpt, a guest post by Sotia Lazu, and more details about the Threefold series, including how to order Brad and the first book, Colin. *

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