Author Sunday: Super Bowl Edition


Readers! It’s Super Bowl Sunday! As a football fan, I’m always so excited for this day, to see what teams show up to play and which team will get out played. To see the awesome commercial break ads and the football halftime show. And since today is one of my favorite days, I thought I’d do a special edition of my new Author Sunday feature.

My Author Super Team

The following authors are all authors I love for various different reasons. Some of them are phenomenal at characterization, at getting deep inside the mind of their protagonists, giving them real scars and psychological issues to overcome. They put them through the emotional ringer and I love them for that. Others are great at setting a scene, giving me a clear mental picture of exactly what is happening and where it’s happening at. And then there are those authors who combine everything I love about writing and reading into one outstanding and unforgettable book. Every. Single. Book.

In no particular order, the authors I would put on my super team:

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